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Schoolgirls Spying from PureCFNM

Two pervy schoolgirls have discovered a peep hole into the boys locker room. After observing Billy strip naked they decide they want a nearer examination of his cock and storm in to confront him. Watch the trailer here to view what takes place as they convince him to give them a sneak peek of his dick and as soon as they start caressing it he grows an erection. Without them knowing, tutor Miss Ryder also uses the peep hole and stimulates herself while she stares at the girls playing with the young lad. As soon as Alexis starts sucking his cock he soon has a massive orgasm all over her face. Miss Ryder then barges in and commands Billy to report to her office so she can sample his goods!

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Neighborhood Watch Nerd Is Stripped, Embarrassed And Sucked Off By Gang Of Girls

Neighborhood Watch from PureCFNM

When the local Neighborhood Watch president comes across a female gang painting graffiti he says he will call the police. But the feisty girls trap him against the wall and begin threatening him. Watch the trailer here to see what occurs when they then decide to degrade him and begin yanking his pants off until he is completely nude. They confiscate his phone and take pictures as they each have a go to swallow his cock, threatening to post them to his wife. The pleasures of four fit girls fast has Colin extremely aroused and he jizzes across Jaye’s beautiful young face. Bitchy Carla then presses send and the naughty photos are heading to his other half!

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Busty Pin Up Girl Persuades Photographer To Model Naked For Her And Jack Off

Converted To Exhibitionism from PureCFNM

During a studio session, glamour model Tasha tells the the photographer that she loves showing her body off to the world. Take a look at the sample clip here to see what occurs as the photographer laughs that he should try it himself if it’s that good. When Tasha explains that her pastime is photography she convinces him to pose for her. Before the helpless man knows it, the conniving lady has him totally nude. His dick begins bouncing up and down without him even touching it and rapidly gets erect. She obviously loves it though and tells him to jack off as she stares at him. When she asks him to finish off for her he does exactly that as she smiles and snaps more photos of the spunky mess!

This is quite a unusual Clothed Female Naked Male scene. A video where a classy young lady, not a plastic-breasted pornstar, grows more and more curious and aroused whilst making a guy strip and masturbate for her. True life CFNM like this can only be found at PureCFNM.

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Cum On Sleeping Mum from PureCFNM

Tina has had enough of Bonnie’s bitchy mother. She also has taken a liking to the mum’s new lover so she plots to tackle the two issues at the same time. They slip into the bedroom where the mother is taking a nap with a sleep mask on and start caressing the boyfriend’s ass and groin. Watch the trailer here to view what happens as they then yank his shorts off and begin wanking his cock. He wakes up and calls for them to cease at once but the ladies continue and even do more, swallowing in their mouths and sucking him until he declares he is going to ejaculate. They rapidly pull him up and make him shoot on the mum’s silk slip while she sleeps!

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MILF Comes Out Of Retirement To Blow Some Young Dick CFNM Style

Back For A Blowjob from PureCFNM

CFNM superstar Charlie Holays has returned after an extended retirement. As she talks with one of the newer girls, a star struck fan begs her for her signature. Watch the trailer here to see what occurs when Lissa teases that the pathetic twat may just have asked her to inscribe his bell end! The loser believes she means it and quickly takes off his underwear but when the females spot his large cock they have other ideas. Charlie mentions that she only gave wank jobs in the old days but soon she wraps her lips around his cock. The two girls give him a dual suck fest until he explodes all over Charlie’s breasts and she then writes on his jizz-covered dick!

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Gang Of Females Jack Two Guys Off To See Who Is The Most Studly

Battle Of The Boyfriends from PureCFNM

Chessie and Hannah have had a disagreement about their boyfriends. They each believe they are going out with the most handsome guy with the largest penis. As they can’t sort out their disagreement Hannah suggests a “jizz off” with lots of their female friends watching. The females choose someone to help them and the pairs derobe their guys to cries of excitement from the watching women. Take a look at the trailer here to view what takes place as they then stroke and suck them, attempting to have their man spunk as quickly as possible. Incredibly the two men begin shooting in synch but one cumshot jets way across the room. Is he the winner? The girls still don’t see eye to eye . .

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Teacher And Pupils Have CFNM Suck Fest Behind The Bike Sheds

Behind The Bike Sheds from PureCFNM

Two pupils have crept into an alleyway so they can jump each other’s bones. As their making out becomes more carried away Chantelle drops to her knees and undoes his pants. Watch the trailer here to watch what occurs as she gives him an amazing blowjob until all of a sudden they are caught by tutor Georgie. She tells them off but quickly switches her tone as soon as she notices Chris’s erect young cock sticking to the sky. She agrees to teach them how to do it properly and shoves Chantelle back to the floor to continue sucking. The teacher kisses the young man and encourages him to let her see his cum and he quickly plasters Chantelle’s horny face with a giant wad of cum!

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Three Babes Make Fun Of And Then Blow Virgin Boy For Jizzing In His Pants

Cum In His Pants from PureCFNM

Shy virgin Billy is talking to some lady friends in the kitchen when one of them leans forward to reach a bottle from the bottom cupboard. The view of her firm butt and tiny thong makes him grow over excited and he jizzes his wad in his boxer shorts right there at the table! Take a look at the sample clip here to watch what occurs as the babes cotton as to what is going on and burst out laughing. When they uncover that he’s a virgin they feel sorry for him and get him out of his spunky trousers and wash his dick. They then take turns to wank his dick and experienced Anna offers to give him his first ever blowjob which soon finishes in a massive cumshot all over her mouth.

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Female Students Entice Lecturer Into Letting Them Strip Him And Suck His Cock

Corrupting The Teacher from PureCFNM

Teacher Josh is struggling to get his class to hand in their homework. The two young ladies in the front are teasing him and letting their hem-lines to hitch up so he is able to view their panties. Take a look at the trailer here to see what happens when he is interrupted by male pupil Billy and he orders him to the principal’s room. Seeing they are now alone with the teacher, Nadia and Savannah grab the chance and pounce on the defenseless guy, pressing their feet against his bulge to make him hard and then taking all his clothes off. The girls then give him an amazing double blowjob, kissing each other on the tip of his penis until Savannah is smacked right in the face by his enormous orgasm!

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Female Robbers Force Gynecologist To Take His Clothes Off So They Can Milk His Balls

Gyno Robbery from PureCFNM

A young girl is at the gynecologist’s office for some tests when all of a sudden two female robbers storm in hunting for medicines. They make the physician show them where the drugs are but just as they are about to make their getaway they realize something out of place. Take a look at the sample clip here to see what occurs when they are shocked that the doctor has been examining the naked female’s cunt without any rubber protection on. They assume that he must be one of the weirdo gynecologists they hear about on the news and decide to give him some of his own medicine. They make him take all his clothes off and then lie still while they all caress his physique and milk his penis until he explodes all over the place!

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