Nerd Is Tied Up, Stripped And Wanked Dry By Three Girls

Nerd Overpowered from PureCFNM

Runt of the litter Sean can’t help but laugh when he overhears the stupid comments of three sexy ladies at the art gallery. He tries to improve their knowledge but simply manages to offend them, riling them to the point that they pounce on him. Watch the sample clip here to view what takes place as the women want to show him they are NOT the softer gender and strip him naked before giving him a hard spanking. They prod at his soft penis and chain his wrist to the table with his own belt before each having a go to jerk his cock. It becomes bigger and he then ejaculates all over himself much to their amusement!

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Teacher Screws Her Pupil In Front Of The Whole Class

Sex Ed 101 from PureCFNM

Miss Lyall is explaining to her class about sex education but they are getting caught up with the technical minutiae so she summons Josh forward to give a practical show. To the students’ surprise she strips him naked and starts stroking and blowing his dick. Watch the trailer here to view what occurs as she then asks all of the girls to have a jerk and taste of their own. Eventually Miss Lyall takes off her panties and rides Josh’s dick, screwing him to an orgasm before getting on all fours and ordering him to screw her doggy style. When he gets close he pulls out and explodes across her butt as his female colleagues stare in amazement!

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Cheating Stud’s Dick Is The Filling In A Lesbian Kissing Orgy

Scratch Marks from PureCFNM

Nadia is confessing to her buddy Savannah that she is worried her boyfriend is having an affair. Savannah questions her about whether she has noticed any evidence such as scratch marks or lipstick so as soon as he strolls in the girls decide to look for themselves. Take a look at the sample clip here to view what occurs as they pull his shirt off and are disgusted to see a massive finger mark across his back. They remove the rest of his clothes to check if there are some more and check his dick for remnants of love bites. As his dick begins to become erect the two females all of a sudden have lust in their eyes and treat him to an awesome dual blowjob until he ejaculates on Nadia’s gorgeous young face.

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Bitchy Bitches Tell Loser To Strip And Use A Sex Machine

Fucking Machine from PureCFNM

Two girls are giggling about the worthless twat at the office who has a thing for her. She thinks he will do anything she tells him to so they ask the stupid boy to come round and take all his clothes off while they make fun of him. They jerk his cock until it is hard and then unveil Lola’s slightly modified fucking machine! Watch the trailer here to see what occurs when they jam his hard dick into the Fleshlight and start using the machine! The girls are crying with laughter as they change the power with which the device screw his dick but they end up taking his cock out and milk him to a massive climax themselves to show that you can’t beat a woman’s touch!

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Three Office Girls Deceive Man Into Taking Naked Selfies

Toilet Selfie from PureCFNM

Brian is receiving messages from a lady on Snapchat. When she orders him to post her a naked selfie he tip toes into the gents toilet to snap it. Unknown to him, the messages are in fact from a girl colleague and three of the office girls peek over the top of the cubicle and see him take his clothes off and then recording photos of himself. Watch the trailer here to see what happens as they burst out laughing and he is discovered in the act. They agree to keep it a secret on the condition that he lets them in and the ladies then have a go themselves, jerking his dick and taking photos of him until he erupts with a big climax over Wendy’s hands!

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Boys Tricked Into Being Nude In Front Of Three Ladies In College Changing Rooms

Mixed Changing from PureCFNM

A group of ladiesgirls and lads turn up at a rival college for a swimming meet. They discover that the swimming pool has mixed changing areas. The guys are quite nervous but eventually give in, imagining they will get a sight of some boobs. Sadly the babes have thought ahead and are already wearing their costumes under their school clothes. Take a look at the sample clip here to see what takes place when the males turn around and the ladies burst out laughing when they see their dicks. When the lads shield themselves in embarrassment the ladies feel sorry for them and get on their knees to give them both a blowjob – each woman getting a barrage of cum!

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Glamour Model Sees Trouser Erection And Forces Tog To Expose Himself For Her

Tented Trousers from PureCFNM

Famous glamour model Beth is shocked when snapper Brian has a visible erection in his thin joggers in the middle of their photo session. Take a look at the sample clip here to watch how hysterical her expressions of surprise are at the mound in his pants! When she confronts him about it at the end he says she is wrong until she orders him to take his pants off and prove it – which he excitedly does! She is appalled and turns to get dressed, only to discover him wanking behind her. She gets her phone and orders him to keep going, recording him in full glory on video to display it to her model friends. She teases him as he whacks off, asking him to shoot there and then – so he does!

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Girls Drain Guys On An Endless Semen Production Line

Spunk Production Line from PureCFNM

In the future boys are simply a resource, processed for their spunk by a species of women. In this breeding center three gorgeous babes drain the testosterone production line for their priceless sperm. Take a look at the sample clip here to watch what happens as the first man is sedated and milked without mercy until he spurts into the donation vessel. He is carried out and the next male is trollied in, chained up and sedated. The women start to jerk him but the sedative has worn off and they are forced to block his mouth with a gag. They continue stroking and blowing his dick until he cums prematurely into Carla’s unsuspecting face. Now the babes require an extra sample, they’re coming for you . .

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Women Suck Their Friend Off After Catching Him In Skimpy Fancy Dress Outfit

Skin Suit from PureCFNM

Georgie and Chantelle are talking about what outfits to get for the fancy dress get together. Charlie walks in nursing a bag with his costume in. He explains that he isn’t sure about it so the babes demand that he puts it on. Take a look at the sample clip here to see what takes place as their expressions change to shock when he walks out sporting a REALLY tight skin suit. It covers nothing and the women erupt into laughter when they discover a comfort-hole in the outfit. They whip out his dick and tell him he should go to the party like that! As he put his hands over his dick in humiliation the ladies sit him down and stroke and suck his cock until he covers Georgie’s face in jizz!

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Boxer Is Jerked Off And Sucked By Ring Girls To Achieve His Fighting Weight

Boxing Weigh In from PureCFNM

It is the evening prior to the sell-out boxing match and the newcomer has turned up for the weigh in. To her shock, organizer Nina learns that he is slightly over the limit and isn’t going to be allowed to take part. Watch the trailer here to watch what happens when she orders the public from the building and interrogates the boxer, finding out that he hasn’t masturbated for weeks. She orders her two promotion girls to strip him naked while her female colleagues gather round for a better view. The promotion girls then milk and blow his cock until he spunks in their sexy young faces. He moves onto the scales and the extra weight has gone, the fight is on!

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