Women Request A Private Show After Accidentally Seeing A Boy Naked On Cam

Live Show Please from PureCFNM

Russ has just finished talking to some girl buddies on cam but forgets to turn it off. Because of this his four lady friends enjoy a fantastic display of him taking his clothes off for his bath. Take a look at the sample clip here to view what happens as he returns from the shower and they view him recline on the bed and masturbate into a sock! The females turn on the sound and applaud him, sending him into a state of shock. They assure him they will keep quiet about what they observed as long as he comes round to their place immediately and provides them with a live viewing. All four babes then have a feel of his penis, wanking and blowing it until he shoots into Georgie’s face!

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Female Club Managers Slurp Cum Off A Nude Dancer’s Body

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Three females are casting for prospective male strippers for their bar but so far the guys have been appalling. The next try-out is handsome hunk Alexei and they immediately fancy him. Watch the sample clip here to see what happens as he undresses and demonstrates his chiseled tummy, the ladies become all aroused and begin caressing his physique. When his thong is removed they look with wide eyes at his dick before pouncing on it, wanking and licking him until he explodes all over himself. The sex-mad girls then take turns to slurp the semen off his six-pack before commanding him to get ready as he starts this evening!

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Fashion Model Tastes A Dick Thinking She Is Not On Camera

Not On Camera from PureCFNM

Tasha has been involved in a couple of CFNM movies witnessing several nude boys getting pleasured. Today she strolls into the Pure building requesting some more jobs but is informed that the roles for girls who won’t touch are very few and far between. Watch the sample clip here to view what happens as she confesses that she did want to get more interactive with the nude boys but couldn’t do it on camera. Pure’s general manager tells her there are no cameras present and strips off and lets her see his boner! She begins stroking and then tasting it until he shoots a huge load all over her face. Little does she know the cameras are NEVER off at PureCFNM!

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Female Doctors Have Fun With A Male Patient And Empty His Balls

Steroid Abuse from PureCFNM

An anxious keen bodybuilder has gone to see his physician as he is nervous about the downsides of the performance enhancing drugs he is using. Take a look at the sample clip here to see what occurs as the female doctor has a work mate join them for the appointment and they ask him to take his clothes off and get on the treatment couch so they can check him over. As they stand there only looking at him they are surprised as his penis enlarges from limp to completely stiff within seconds -just by the ladies staring at it! The ladies become so amazed that they decide to find out what happens if they wank it and he is soon having a giant ejaculation on their hands!

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Three Women Force Nude Male To Fuck Inflatable Sheep While They Film Him!

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Brooklyn loves humiliating men so this afternoon she has invited two friends round to make fun of her current slave boy. Jeremy is told to undress in front of the girls and then wank while they degrade him. Take a look at the sample clip here to see what takes place as Brooklyn then grabs a toy sheep and tells him to shove his penis into its bumhole and screw it. The females howl with laughter at how silly he looks and snap pictures and movies on their mobiles, saying they will send it to every woman who knows him. They then finish him off by wanking him until the sad fucker cums [all over|on]] Brooklyn’s arm.

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Girl Demonstrates to Her Friend How Her Boyfriend Can Shoot His Cum Over Six Feet!

Long Distance Cumshot from PureCFNM

Adele is bragging about how her lover can have sex five times a night in the sack. Not wanting to be outclassed, Mishka announces that her lover’s orgasm is so enormous that he could hit a wall three meters away. Take a look at the sample clip here to see what happens as Adele labels her untruthful. Mishka says she will show her, calling him up and dragging him home from the bar. When he strolls in she convinces him to help her out and she undresses him to the excitement of Adele. The two women then each have a go to stroke and then suck his dick until he becomes so aroused that he explodes jet after jet of jizz right across the room. Adele is never going to doubt Mishka again!

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Female Cleaners Deceive Man Out Of His Clothes Then Suck His Cock Empty

Carpet Stain from PureCFNM

Kane is looking after a house for some mates when he unfortunately cums all over the carpet while having a quick tug. He books in the carpet cleaners and to his dismay they send two women to take care of the stain. Watch the sample clip here to see what takes place as they touch and lick the mess attempting to find out what it is. When the boy eventually admits that it is cum they inform him the only way of getting it out is fresh semen. He takes his clothes off and they watch in amazement at his giant penis. The sight of him jerking off makes them so excited that they get involved and give him a join blowjob until he explodes all over the carpet a second time!

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Policewomen Perform Gangbang Blowjobs To Extract Criminals DNA

Police Blowbang from PureCFNM

Female Detectives Nadia and Mercedes have three suspects in a recent assault on a local woman. None of the suspects are talking but some physical evidence has been left at the crime location so Mercedes hatches a subtle method of sampling the DNA from the suspects. Watch the trailer here to see what takes place when she forces them to take all their clothes off for her. She then forces WPC Nadia to crouch on the floor and suck them all off. Mercedes moves from man to man masturbating their cocks as Nadia swallows them and quickly all three men cum across Nadia’s spunk-plastered face. Mercedes then scrapes the spunk off so she is able to prove which one of them committed the crime.

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Husband Is Exposed Naked For Wife’s Friends To Sell Sex Toys

Displayed For Wife's Friends from PureCFNM

Adele is halfway through her Anne Summers party when her husband returns early from the pub. He heads off to his room but she chooses to ask for his assistance in sealing some sales to her mates. Watch the sample clip here to view what happens as she wear one of the small men’s thongs she is trying to peddle. However as he models it for the girls they can’t help bursting out laughing as one of his balls flops out of the gusset! The females then yank off the g-string, laughing at his horror, and then help themselves to his penis. They take it in turns to jerk him and Adele then sucks his cock until he spunks in her face!

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Schoolgirls Perv On Male Locker Room Then Help Themselves To Some Young Penis

Schoolgirls Spying from PureCFNM

Two pervy schoolgirls have discovered a peep hole into the boys locker room. After observing Billy strip naked they decide they want a nearer examination of his cock and storm in to confront him. Watch the trailer here to view what takes place as they convince him to give them a sneak peek of his dick and as soon as they start caressing it he grows an erection. Without them knowing, tutor Miss Ryder also uses the peep hole and stimulates herself while she stares at the girls playing with the young lad. As soon as Alexis starts sucking his cock he soon has a massive orgasm all over her face. Miss Ryder then barges in and commands Billy to report to her office so she can sample his goods!

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